How to replace Diesel Burners with a Pellet Burner?


Posted On: July 13, 2023

How to replace Diesel Burners with a Pellet Burner?

(Such replacement may save up to >50% in fuel cost)
Biomass Pellet:
Ø Biofuels made from compressed biomass;
Ø Solid fuels produced by crushing and densifying biomass (saw dust, forest shrubs and agricultural residues);
Ø Can be used as fuels for industrial burners, boilers, kiln furnaces, commercial or residential heating and cooking;
Product Specifications:
Comparative table with other fuels [1]
Calculation of consumption of fuel (Diesel vs. Pellet)
Boiler Capacity: 1 Ton/hr
Cost Comparison 1 Diesel : 0.52 Pellet

Savings: Rs 14,29,000 per month per 1T boiler

Replacement to Biomass Pellet Burner
The pellet burner as shown in figure 4 is required in order to convert a diesel burner into pellet consuming boiler. The nominal cost for such replacement is around 24 lakhs. With average of 10 hours of using of boiler, the return of investment for additional expansion will be made within less than 3-month period. Afterwards, a net 50% saving will be made for the entire life cycle of the boiler. The product offers premium value as a renewable energy source with negligible emission and cost efficiency. It can be a significant step towards reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.
Feature of a Pellet Burner [3]
Why Pellet burner?
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