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JDNE unlocks Nepal's potential through transformative rooftop solar, lighting up the naked hills, empowering communities, and paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future.


Sustainable Energy, Biomass

JDNE offers cost-effective and efficient solutions to transition from fossil fuels to biomass


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We Develop Nepal

Illuminating with Solar, Flowing with Hydro, Nurturing with Biomass.

Solar Roof Top and EPC services

JDNE: Your one-stop solution for solar rooftop systems. From design to installation, our EPC services ensure seamless implementation, harnessing clean energy and empowering your sustainability goals.

Hydropower and transmission line equipments

JDNE: Empowering hydroelectricity with cutting-edge transmission line equipment. We provide comprehensive maintenance services, ensuring efficient operation and maximizing the potential of clean, renewable hydropower resources.

Biomass Pellet and Stoves/Burner

JDNE: Embrace the power of biomass with our high-quality stoves and burners. We offer expert installation services and comprehensive training, enabling sustainable heating solutions for a greener future.

About Janda Devi Nepal Energy


Why Solar, Hydro and Biomass?

At JDNE, our vision is to lead the way towards a sustainable future, driving the growth of Nepal by implementing renewable energy solutions that empower communities and preserve the environment..

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Advancing with New Rooftop Solar Technology

How We work

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Paperwork and Agreement

JDNE handles paperwork and agreements, enabling affordable electricity provision. We prioritize renewable energy solutions to support cost savings and promote sustainability.

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Site Eligibility

JDNE engineers assess site eligibility and provide a comprehensive generation report, offering valuable insights on the potential of renewable energy generation at the location.

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Installation and Permissions

JDNE handles all aspects of rooftop solar installation, including obtaining necessary permissions and permits, ensuring a seamless process for clients.

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Utility Connection

JDNE specializes in smart metering for grid connection, enabling efficient monitoring and management of electricity consumption, contributing to a smarter and more sustainable energy infrastructure.

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Solar On!

Upon completion of the installation, JDNE provides a user-friendly application that displays real-time generation data and calculates the daily savings achieved through solar energy.


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Pricing Plan for you

Members are proactive in both undertaking and applying animal welfare scientific research, contributing being a recognised organisation in animal welfare best-practice.

Roof-top Solar Installation

  • Pre- feasibility Report
  • Energy Calculation
  • Net metering paperworks
  • Energy Generation Applition

1 lakh/kW

Transmission Line (11kvA)

  • System Requirement Evaluation
  • Site Survey
  • Local Engagement
  • Installing and Stringing

20 lakh/km

System change to biomass

  • Current System Survery
  • Equivalent Energy (~50% Fuel savings)
  • Suitable installations
  • Commission and Training

12 lakh/T

From Us

We Say

"At JDNE, we believe in the expertise and reliability of our trusted partners who provide ISO certified qualified products. Through these valuable collaborations, we ensure the delivery of high-quality solutions that meet international standards for excellence."

Kishor Neupane Director

"Utilizing 20 years of hydro experience and trusted partners, I aspire to revolutionize Nepal with green energy solutions."

Kuber Mani Nepal Advisor

"JDNE facilitated the connection between Nepal and various solar manufacturers, enabling the development of solar power plants. This partnership empowered Nepal with expertise and sustainable power solutions."

Keshav Chapagain Project Manager

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